What is Elis?

Our origins


Elis Project is born from the sum of the experiences of a group of Technicians with many years of work in different fields and who have assumed all kinds of technical and management responsibilities. Its sports collection includes experiences as professional players, monitors, coaches, club and sports brands managers. All this has allowed us to have a clear vision of the training needs in our field.

After years of putting the original ideas in order, the Elis Project begins in 2016, when padel continues to grow in the countries in which it is settled, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, etc. and, on the other hand, an important activity is initiated in some others in which a phenomenon similar to the one that already lived in Argentina and Spain, the sudden and spectacular development of padel can perfectly well occur. In both cases, training must be fundamental. In the first to consolidate padel as a sport and in the second to overcome the initial growth problems and ensure adequate growth.

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