Our proposal


PlayersProject Elis has ideal resources for padel players looking to improve their game.

For many years, the members of our team have worked on-court and in many other areas of our sport related to training, at all levels of play.

All this accumulated experience is the basis on which you can create a significant number of resources, methodologies, exercises, corrective techniques and, ultimately, proven knowledge to help improve the game of those who seek to improve their skills, whatever their level.

At the same time, our specialization in coaches training in recent years has forced us to familiarize ourselves with new technologies and, consequently, with the new teaching methodologies that derive from them. And having acquired a good command of them we ask ourselves: why not use these new ways of transmitting knowledge, which are ideal for coaches training, with the end users of our sport also?

The result has been the development of a specific work to adapt our resources in such a way that they can be taught through our online platform, and be used by anyone who wants to progress as a player.

Project Elis is aware that nothing will replace a good face-to-face class with a good technician, always advisable. But everything evolves quickly and Project Elis wants to be the first to adapt, offering today a complement to the teaching of sport in person, which will undoubtedly be a regular offer in a short time.