What is Elis?


Athletes who wanted to participate in the Ancient Olympic Games had to meet certain standards of which, one of the most important, was to have trained properly during a period immediately preceding the event, which spanned months. As a final part of their preparation, just the month before the Olympics, all athletes were concentrated in the city of Elis, near Olympia, under the supervision of the Hellanodikai who would be the judges in the competitions. These judges, in addition to supervising the Games and the preparation of the athletes, in a way advised and guided them.

Like the athletes, the Hellanodikai had to surpass a period of instruction of 10 months before being able to exercise its functions and it is this concept that we pretend to be the main objective of the Elis Project, the creation of Elite Technicians who are able to dominate the specific knowledge needed to teach and disseminate our sport in all areas, for all levels of play, for all ages, with different methodologies, researching and analyzing diverse sources, and through multiple resources and formats of knowledge transfer.

Elis Project is, therefore, an initiative that will provide resources and training activities designed to promote and sustain the development of padel around the world.

By the way, our logo aims to reflect these concepts.