Our proposal

Official & unofficial education

As we have already indicated, Project Elis aims to contribute to the training of excellent padel coaches and also includes its willingness to help the Institutions or any other entity that wishes to, fulfil the educational objectives that have been marked as well as offer training to the players themselves. But in relation to the training of coaches, there is a particularly important issue that we want to mention: needed requirements to be able to issue official degrees of Padel Coaches.

Naturally, these requirements depend on what is established in the sports legislation of the country in question in relation to the sport of Padel.

Spain has been the first country to formally consider specific education in padel. By means of different decrees- and the respective orders that regulated them - the path to follow was defined to obtain the corresponding Degrees. All the information in this regard can be found in the section on Sports Education of the Higher Sports Council.

In summary, it is important to know that padel is located in Spain within the so-called transitory period, which means that it remains waiting for a specific Royal Decree for this modality to completely regulate its official training itineraries, although meanwhile formulas have been enabled that allow the convocation of courses where degrees with academic validity can be obtained.

The courses that Project Elis organizes in Spain are intended to be the best offered in the market, but they will only have official status, and as a consequence academic validity, those that are carried out in collaboration with any Federation or competent body in the field of sports of the Autonomous Communities.

Project Elis, therefore, aims to contribute to the international development of padel by offering a high-quality training offer, but assuming that in different countries there may be rules governing official training, which must be respected, and we will be the first to contribute to this, without that means that it is waived that in all cases the Project Elis Courses are the best offer among the possible ones.