Our proposal


Project Elis provides Padel coaches with a series of training itineraries that can be supplemented by Continuous Training activities that are regularly updated.

The itineraries have been established taking into account different approaches to the different tasks that a padel coach can develop.

The format of courses

3 stages

The 8 courses belonging to the 4 training paths are taught through blended education, with the following format, divided into 3 phases:

I - Preliminary Stage: it is developed through the online platform of Project Elis, and is generally information that is advanced to coaches for study or early notification, which may also include activities such as control questions, forums doubts and initial contact, transfer of data or references to the teaching team, etc.

II - On-site Stage: this is the part in which the main contents - theoretical or practical - are given at the course's headquarters, in direct interaction with the teaching team.

III - Final Stage: will normally deal with activities entrusted to technicians as part of their training; will be practical classes, research, or other similar actions that promote the increase of the specific training of technicians, both individually and as a group.

Continuous Training

Project Elis assumes that the specific contents generally in sports and particularly in padel, are living concepts and that therefore they evolve. In addition, we understand that the work of the padel coach should cover a diversity of topics, with more or less specificity and interest according to each coach and that therefore can not include all of them in the basic courses.

That is why Continuous Training will be very important in our training offer.

Coaches education

The following graphic represents the different educational options that Project Elis contemplates for padel coaches.