What is Elis?

Our approach


New skills

In all the processes of development of a sport the figure of the coach has had and will continue to have, a fundamental value for it can not depend on the effort, knowledge, criteria or resources of a single person. We need structures that help reach the maximum objectives.

But in this double performance -individual and collective-, we understand that the training of coaches will continue to be essential. And it is common sense to recognize that, in any case, a structure responsible for the development of a sport must be made up of people who have mastery over it, even to be able to adapt to the padel knowledge of other sciences.

Simplifying the main focus of Project Elis is as follows:

Although it is known that padel is an excellent product, pleasant to practice, physically advisable, social and in great demand, it is no less true that it requires commercials that know how to sell in the best possible way. Well, those commercials are padel coaches, and therefore the more varied and varied their knowledge and training continues, the better they will comply with this, THEIR MOST IMPORTANT task.

Therefore, it is concluded that Training is one of the fundamental pillars, and therefore essential so that our sport grows and consolidates with the speed that we all desire.