What is Elis?

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The olive

Oliva Elis

If the city of Elis is important because there, under the control of the best technicians, the preparation of the athletes for the Games of Antiquity was completed, we must agree that the olive tree is then the symbol of success.

The current medals were in Olympia bouquets of the olive tree. Surely because that tree and its fruit were the primary support of many peoples, as is the case today.

That is why the symbol of Elis is an olive, whose stem and leaf represent, in addition, a bird raising its flight.

The initial letter 'E'

Letra "e"

The letter "E" is, at the same time, an arrow pointing downward, as opposed to the bird represented by the stem and leaf of the olive, suggesting the ascending path between our origin and the future we desire.


The search for the roots of the organized sport, in this case in the ancient Greek civilization, is intended to be represented in typography.