What is Elis?

Philosophy and aims

Formación y tecnología

In the Elis Project, we firmly believe that if a balanced and well-developed growth of any sport is desired, its coaches should be provided with a Continuing Sports Training and that this should be a top priority objective.

Ignoring this means to face a series of inconveniences and difficulties of various kinds, which in many cases end up being erroneously attributed to other factors, such as the lack of economic resources, to set an example. And while the reality is usually complex, the lack of adequate training will in all likelihood be among the causes of most failures. The good news would be that, on the contrary, a correct Continuing Education will always be an important step in achieving success.

The Elis Project aims, with this vision, to carry out some tasks that will cover different aspects of the process:

  • Research
  • Specific contents creation
  • Publishing (blogs, courses, teaching programs)

The Elis project is also a project open to the participation of all those whose knowledge means an essential contribution to their sport and, logically, wish to share them through this channel. This cooperative vision also intends to give an opportunity to all technicians who want to complement their professional activities as field trainers, by taking advantage of some of the formats proposed in the Elis Project.

Finally, Elis Project is designed to disseminate content in two clearly defined formats, taking advantage of the undeniable contribution that new technologies already provide to the educational field:

  • Online Activities
  • Blended activities (Onsite and Online)