Our proposal

New technologies have imposed a change in different paradigms related to training. And not only do they continue to do so, but this progress is so inexorable and rapid that it even generates some uncertainty as to what, for example, the tools and methods of sports teaching - and other fields - will be even in the immediate future. To this day, using a manual of basic Padel strokes could be seen as outdated, especially if it is based on analytical progressions.

However, Elis Project is not designed to discard knowledge that has proven valuable, but to adapt it or, in the worst case, to keep it in the knowledge database of our sport.

Elis Project, with the use of technological resources, pursues two objectives:

  • to use these tools as a fundamental mechanism of transfer of knowledge, as a counterpart of the traditional concept that requires as a requirement the participation in the field of sports training; and
  • to know, experiment and adapt all reasonable technological resources to fulfil our training objective in the most efficient way possible.

Thus, Elis Project will have this website that will be, at the same time, the platform that will allow, on the one hand, to complement the blended training activities and, alternatively, to offer others that will be developed entirely online.

Training Offer

Elis Project courses will be oriented to meet the needs of three clearly differentiated areas:

  1. entities, such as clubs, companies, federations or the like that desire specific padel training, either for their own teams or for any particular training service (more info);
  2. any coach, through different established itineraries or continuous training activities (more info);
  3. players, at any level, that can be targeted to different training activities specially oriented and designed to improve the level and knowledge of the end user of our sport (more info).